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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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turkey and syria keep the border shelling going as media reports suggest ankara may have actually provided the mortars now landing on his territory in the first place . and he cuts fury blazing greece with protesters saying they're exchanging financial slavery bailouts as the eurozone prepares to release their latest rescue fund. chavez val's at unity for venezuela the longstanding socialist leader proves he still enjoys the people support winning a fourth term and another six years in power.
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worldwide news live from moscow this is on with me rory sushi in turkey has again fired at syria after a cross border mortar a bomb strike but a turkish newspaper now reporting the shells that have been landing in turkey for six days now may actually be weapons that itself provided to syrian rebels this together with reports that kurdish separatists are mobilizing inside syria certainly threatens to leave turkey and rather an awkward diplomatic position on middle east correspondent paula has the latest. what we've witnessed now is five days of increasing conflict along the turkish syrian border at the same time we've seen shelling now taking place from both sides and there's real concern in the region that we could be looking at a full scale war between turkey and syria that started last week wednesday when
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a shell was fired from the syrian side into turkish territory america killed five members of the same family now the turkish prime minister erdogan has gone on record by saying that his country is ready for war and this follows the approval of a mandate last week by the turkish parliament in which they did give the green light for cross border operations but it's not as if the whole turkish population is behind the prime minister on this issue we've witnessed more than five thousand people take to the streets all last week thursday there they were holding pack cards and chanting no to war in syria is alfredo what we're increasingly hearing from many experts who are pointing to the fact that the area in syria from where these mortars are being fired into turkey are areas that are being controlled by the rebels and that is why many expert opinion still suggesting that they're being fired deliberately to provoke to key into calling on nato to launch some kind of operation in syria and the irony of the situation though is that we're not
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receiving expert opinion that many of the shells that are being fired from syria are in fact being fired by weapons that turkey provided to the rebels to help them fight the assad regime so you have those laws that i wanted situation where turkey is being fired on by itself supplied to the rebels in addition to those who are also now receiving several reports that the syrian army of the kurdistan workers party is holding an army just fifteen kilometers from the turkish border and now the fighting which is concentrated in northern syria has seen kurds take advantage of the situation that already claimed several cities their economy they want independence from damascus but they have also not becoming a problem for two. tikki of course is no stranger to the kurdish problem just have a nice. it's worth finding. in northern iraq so here you have a situation where to keep its assistance to the rebels to fight aside is now having to fight and seen an escalation in that problem as well for an hour turning our
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attention to that of a libya where a humanitarian crisis developing there but the continuing siege of the town of bani walid a former khadafi stronghold is left residents without vital supplies dr abdul hamid i was on dolly a member of the local council is inside the besieged city gave us his account of what exactly is happening there. because you. know. the ground in order to. normal can go on there are going to. be. more you know. there are very happy. and we have been through. the caribbean i. think more difficult to believe but we get it.
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let's discuss this further now with geo political analyst patrick kennedy good to see you today thanks for coming on r.t. the siege of bani walid actually started because the government wants to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who's thought to have captured colonel gadhafi the town failed to hand them over but is this to you an appropriate response do you think. well not nice in a civilized sort of normally formed country it's not but as we know libya is anything but civilized and formed in a normal organic fashion just as the ruling party that you have been in libya right now is this amateur government it's an artificial. creation of the west in the post gadhafi regime change plan so this gives you an indication of how they're governing in this country and certainly that there is no stability in libya compared to before the nato bombing and destruction of their country my party as
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you say it's a very much a government of the moment i said a moment ago and many would agree with you on that i know that the residents of the besieged bani walid town are appealing to the united nations for help good move. well. i don't think they're going to get much help from the u.n. saying that the united nations is the co architect of this post could off the libya there are half responsible for this sort of the fraud that was imposed by the u.n. resolution one nine hundred seventy three which was. starting with a no fly zone which turned into a bombing zone in a free for all for nato countries but it doesn't surprise me that the u.n. will be ineffectual because i can't see one instance over the whole globe over the whole geo political spectrum worldwide where the un has done anything of any value in the last decade or two they're a complete failure and they're controlled by their number one funder which is the
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united states and they're sort of mini me. and i see my show and i'm to go i just we just want to come back to this whole point of view of you referring to the libyan government as being because suddenly there's a political crisis in the making you know the siege on gaza and the government seeming powerless and perhaps mr right did as to how to deal with it do you think the country's new political system could be doomed even before it really gets started here. well one thing you can look at really is you know with libya because it's big because the kind of western imperialist kind of plan with libya has come after a couple of other so-called successes which they would challenge is afghanistan and iraq if you look at the new u.s. installed president in afghanistan hamid karzai is not he doesn't have any real legitimacy amongst afghanis but he's backed by the u.s. and is a us puppet in libya it's even worse because they know west is having trouble with
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the sort of over agenda of installing a pro american and a pro western banking sort of leader so they've got serious problems in libya there's no legitimacy really with this post but off the government it makes moammar gadhafi is government look like a beacon of light in this shining city on the hill patrick if i had to if i could just jump in front and i do apologize i'm running very low on time here and i t. but you know you draw the comparisons iraq afghanistan libya let's talk about the next step today everybody ziering in on that of syria what's next for syria. you know this whole this whole story with with libya and now syria syria's directly linked to libya because libya did send fighters who are being backed by the west and logistical by actual faction but this reminds me of the spanish inquisition rory where instead of you know room imposing catholicism on an establishment people who resist this is like the freedom and democracy inquisition that's really what
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we're looking at especially in terms of libya and syria this is the west going in directly or through its proxies or through its goal state. monarchies in order to impose western friendly regime in the country that they can then come in calling ice in a financial way particularly we're talking about private banking and public private initiatives and selling all of the assets of the country to pennies on the dollar to western countries and that's what the plan was in libya having trouble because of instability and in syria it could be much worse because in syria we're looking at a protracted civil war now in the making or something even worse when there are suddenly somebody saying well that's already been a civil war ongoing for years and out of iraq any we have step one step two step three step four petra henningsen geo political analyst i live in london many thanks as always. now the eurozone is again opening up its coffers to poor cash into the region's permanent bailout fund in
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a bid to say they ling members of the european stability mechanism will be able to lend five hundred billion euros with germany at the main contributor but a cash strapped greece is still waiting for a long delayed loan payout as a negotiation you cuts which of anger at the people are you looking at live pictures right here from athens where as usual crowds of protesters are gathering to demand an end to the austerity which is leaving people struggling to make me tick and these are live pictures for you right here from downtown athens and we've got the troops out we've got the. riot police are the protesters there very regrettable to say these pictures are nothing new to be seen on global television. now early pensioners march to the e.u. offices in the capital them burned an e.u. fly or athens as ban gatherings and demonstrations in the city center during the german chancellor's visit on tuesday there will be a heavy police presence but union protests are planned outside the area
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international public policy analyst lucas german are says the ban is an infringement on people's rights. and you will have a major a crowd of ordinary people of unions of unemployed who would like to attend the protests in the context of the president of chance or uncle or merkel but will not be able to do so it has been described by many analysts as a direct strike to the very notion of democracy that was all regionally born here in athens people do not accept any additional wage cuts or any additional are cuts in the public sector means they are not willing to keep negotiating for additional bailouts and for additional austerity measures these two numbers go hand in hand usually and i think that the greek government and of course the felony police is afraid we might have some really troubling incidents including violent riots should
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the demonstration be allowed in downtown. well now turning our attention to the to the u.k. where the. hitting the poorest citizens the hardest to you report on how charities are used to feeding children in africa being forced to step in in britain and in business to warm households in the u.k. . absolutely and did so doing so while launching the second pipeline in the north stream project that ships to here the second line essentially doubled its. exports pass if you want to come to the north street all the details in the business bulletin about. all of these stories are much more in just a few minutes after.
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if you just soften enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that you're soft as a force on the island of horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses weren't there sometimes he gets lonely here but horses have become part of me no i've fallen off so many times sometimes. it's part of my every day life. i look ormsby and home to it around it's like you just saw for centuries most still live
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off the way and cattle and fish. if you might call it is often called the pearl of siberia a horn is said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of think forests. and vast stops. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel cigars you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is there on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. in journey to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the local. once you've seen it we'll be coming back again and again
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. thanks for joining us here on our to today i'm rori sushi and a cut the benefits of squeezing the most vulnerable in the united kingdom our recent data suggests fifteen percent of children regularly go without a hot meal but london is still eyeing ten billion pounds more in welfare cuts as artie's laura smith reports despite intervention from charities things are only getting worse. for millions of children every year hunger is a death sentence this is save the children's usual campaign feeding starving youngsters in africa but times have changed and for the first time in its ninety
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three year history the charity has launched a major fundraising campaign here in britain. it's a watershed moment as recession hits the u.k.'s poorest children the hardest the situation is pretty bleak for children and families out there in our children having to go without what we consider some basic essentials so for example when they're old ones for now it's achieving a warm coats him winter these are pretty shocking statistics in the u.k. in twenty twelve and we believe that we really need to take action in glasgow for the first time the cupboard is almost bare for mother of three share and more it's a daily struggle to provide the basics for her kids. she's not alone three and a half million children are living in poverty in the u.k. and a quarter of their parents say they've gone without meals so their children can eat
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. a child in poverty has to forgo the things other families take for granted eating healthily having a friend round for tea days out natalie mother to two year old noah puts all she can afford into the gas meter but it's still not enough to heat their home it's cold but if they. keep warm in the house some blankets rather than turn the fire around oh really so just to charities calculate that the poorest ten percent of society i hate thirteen times harder by government cuts to services than the richest ten percent and growing up in poverty puts a child under enormous emotional strain their education suffers even a said good school and that storing up trouble for the future you have the impact of the most children but is also a massive impact to society and to our economy and so you know we if we.
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we all of us will have to pay the price in terms of actual spending on education spending on. america will be weaker because you know we'll be losing talent what's the point of slashing a welfare budget if we're going to be paying the price for our increased spending we're going to. save the children hopes to help the worst hit families but this could be a long campaign the institute for fiscal studies says in the next ten years based on current government tax and benefit policies eight hundred thousand more children will be dragged into poverty eradicating all the gains that have been made in the last ten years laura smith r.t. london. he is coming here live from moscow it was a tough political battle but of course chavez again proved his socialist agenda in venezuela enjoys strong support this as he was reelected for president for
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a fourth time the polls massive turnout of over eighty percent showed just how crucial the vote was for the nation our correspondent in caracas is lucy catherine off. anywhere on the streets of caracas just hours after president hu does solve this emerged as the clear winner in this election you will be leading the country for another six years after millions of venezuelans have their ballots now it's obvious victory likely ensures that the current programs the president has put into place will continue that means the so-called twenty first century socialism experiments that help improve life for many of the poor many of whom are gathered here while the celebrations have been largely for the most part things actually gotten a little bit stanford's you can see behind me people have probably drank a little bit too much gathering here on motorcycles and we know that the opposition candidate and we. agreed to them so we can see if that is not going to contest this
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election to president of ourselves as so it really remains to be seen whether there will be any sort of street classes or any sort of opposition rallies in the retake cept for the science officers economic policies promise the battle corruption and thomas will improve ties with the west of course he didn't win a lot of support and that's because a lot of the people here feel that a lot of problems in the venezuela have still not been addressed there's a very high crime rates there are serious problems with corruption in the country and they're just not sure whether it's no longer present with us on this for another six years as a really going to lead to improving those issues but of course for the supporters and does remain a sort of god like figure to some degree and here's a look as to why running water electricity and a real home having spent most of her life in venezuela slums these are luxuries that anna silva could only dream of before you know you know when i got this apartment i just couldn't believe it i thought my eyes were deceiving me i'm
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thankful to this government for helping people like me she was able to move her family into this home thanks to a housing program established under president hugo chavez. it's one of the many projects that are. tremendous popular support among the poor but alienated him from other voters the latter have turned out in droves to vote for him to recreate them premiss a wealthy businessman in a free market advocate who is pushing for more private enterprise and investment critics fear that he would bring an end to venezuela's twenty first century socialism so what we're looking at is an ongoing effort by the old venezuelan ruling class to turn back the clock represents the past he represents an attempt to move. away from a past that focuses attention on reducing inequality reducing poverty. but whether chavez has addressed that in the best way remains a question dollars having to help bring down the crime rate one of the worst in the
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world on employment and a stagnating economy has turned many away from el commandante today even as well has corruption deficits we are some of the poorest people we want. this has been accused of authoritarianism suppressing the courts and silencing critics in the press. another burning issue in the country is the quality of employment among the poor the government does implement measures to support them but there are no jobs for those in the deepest poverty they receive government subsidies but there isn't enough investment both government and private to actually provide them with well paid jobs instead of just giving financial aid. it for the long neglected residents of venezuela slums free services may just trump over freedom this is done as well as body a part of the largest slum in all of latin america for decades thousands of venezuelans who live here had no access to any sort of medical care that is until i saw the social program to open clinics like this one here as well as get access to doctors
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check ups and medical services free medicine for free here they helped me along to thank god and this community has helped a lot of people and a lot cheap of. and here thank you to chairman has done a lot for us those missions are just incredible. these are illegal settlements the shacks and buildings are poorly built and for decades infrastructure was virtually nonexistent moster sprawled across the steep hills surrounding caracas the number of people living up in those lungs are barrios they used to be you know when you get down to the city to find work or go to school simply walking down those hills you think about an hour and how it used to be no public transportation until president about charges built these cable cars a little lifeline for venezuela's for life in the slums made them proved but the country still has a long way to go voters have grown frustrated with the declining wages and scarce job prospects and reversing these trends in the next six years won't be easy. r.t.
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then as well. right into the outer world out there we go starting with two afghan intelligence officers they've been killed in the blast talk of being the local police station in the southern helmand province the car bomb attack injured two other security staff and thirteen civilians it comes a day after the taliban issued a statement saying that nato forces are close to defeat and a quote freeing in humiliation. israel has attacked garza from the first second day leaving several children injured it was in response to around fifty rockets and mortars being fired from inside the palestinian territory on sunday israeli forces targeted alleged palestinian militants riding motorbikes several children were severely wounded during that episode as well. wiki leaks editor julian assange is suing the australian prime minister for defamation he says is based on comments by julia giladi in two thousand and ten in which she called the
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release of u.s. diplomatic cables quote grossly irresponsible and illegal assad's claims are comments actually authorized to further attacks on him and wiki leaks he's currently holed up in ecuador's embassy. in london to avoid being sent to sweden i mean fears about onward extradition to the united states. or let's get all the latest version is used to how it all looking today for this monday well it's looking great top story is russia launching the second pipeline in the north stream project to ship more gas over to hero the second link laid on the bottom of the baltic sea will double nordstrom's annual capacity to fifty five billion cubic metres artie's mitchell measure the ankle hasn't the details. yes indeed has started flowing through the second line of the north stream gas pipeline indeed its capacity has been double to fifty five billion cubic meters which would be enough to basically provide twenty six million european households with heat and energy
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and it's also amounts to around fifty percent of what is right now being transmitted through ukraine see the one of the main goals of this project was to bypass transit countries like belarus and ukraine which at times were not so reliable partners for russia and supply gas directly to europe while the heads of four states russia germany the netherlands and france hailed the launch of the second line the in-between phenomenon of the start of the second strand of the north stream pipeline shows that the energy partnership between russia and the european union has a solid foundation how long term partnership benefits both sides europe is receiving the most secure energy supply because gas is and will remain an important energy source you know countries russia in turn secures reliable demand and those lucrative gun sales and these this is a very expensive project a cost seven and
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a half billion euros to launch and several years five to be exact in order for it to reach full capacity and earlier i spoke to the head of gas problems export brands. and it's on the verge of and he said that it takes a lot of so i'm in order to fill up a pipeline so therefore it hasn't yet been operating at full capacity and claims that russia needs to lower prices for europe as he said ridiculous to come through it was a pretty deep to be need to do we need to in the long dormant. with large loads of truly gas these three do. you know. this stuff so should be below zero. but it you also have estimates that have said that. gas which is right now going for ukraine will continue doing so that this pipeline is there in order to fulfill
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growing demand in europe in case europe will expect more gas to be supplied and according to gazprom plans this is exactly what is going to happen and now with the second line of the pipeline capacity is there. unless now do a quick run through the markets wall street is in the red in the second hour of trade dragged down by all the concerns about the financial health of the eurozone apple is weighing on the nasdaq the european equity markets are mixed at the top of the hour ahead of the eurozone finance ministers meeting in luxembourg. greece and spain that are going to be on the agenda and. here in russia equities and did their trading session even in the red green deep in the red following in europe's footsteps oil dropping for a second day in a row didn't help either and that's all the latest from the business that i'll see you back here in fifteen minutes thank you. all the way it is a little cross-talk to stay with us here on out.
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